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Translation and interpretation services ONLY for companies and institutions.


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We have been rendering authenticated translation services professionally for over 16 years. The specialty of TBS is specialist translation in many lines of business and sectors such as banking, finance, modern technologies and diversified aspects and disciplines of law. We render services professionally, with due diligence and preserving full confidentiality of documents entrusted to us.


The principles stated in the Act on Sworn Translators govern all aspects of translation and authentication of documents by a sworn (court) translator.

  • Authenticated translation comprises in description of a document and apart from the text translated, it contains also translator’s notes about the appearance of a document, security features, headings, company paper on which a document is drawn, endorsement stating whether translation is made based on an original presented or a copy of it; such description contains also translator’s description of seals, stamps, signatures and other comments found by a translator to be required by authorities.
  • A page of translation used as a base for computation of a fee contains 1125 characters + spaces [i.e. from 1 up to 1125 character + spaces]. A started page is counted as 1 page.
  • Authenticated translation becomes a document in legal sense, a unique Re. No. is assigned to it and a relevant record is entered into a register kept by a translator (Repertory). The abovementioned number is also entered into a stamp affixed on the last page of a translation. Certification is also stamped with personal stamp of a translator, signed, and round official seal is affixed. Certification clause contains Affidavit stating that a document is a true translation of a document presented.



Our offer is addressed to:

  • lawyers, legal offices
  • banking and finance sectors,
  • companies and institutions
  • and many other lines of business


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